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Desert Barbell aims to be Tennant Creek’s Premier Strength Establishment, but we also intend to be a whole lot more. Desert Barbell was born from the concept that the gym could be much more than just a place to work out, it could be a tight-knit community of friends.  I first encountered this sense of community within a gym at our affiliates, Seaside Barbell.  Seaside was something a lot bigger than just a gym, it brought people together.  To quote Seaside Co-Founder Mr Cheney “Seaside Barbell started off as somewhere for Brendan and myself to put in the extra hours after work. Then it grew, our friends and neighbors got involved and contributed, it evolved, it became more than just a gym, it became our meeting place, a community, symbol, a brotherhood, a central point in our lives.”.  I felt inspired by this establishment and immediately knew that I needed to bring this concept to Tennant Creek.  2015 is the year that my dream of bringing this set of values and ideals to Tennant Creek comes to life.

– Kris

We are proudly affiliated with Seaside Barbell and Parkside Barbell.

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